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Everything around is like waves of an imaginary sea

August 23, 2020
Unseen Faith - Waver

Vocal phrases bring aggression and rage, the Lost Worldmusical motifs with guitar solos soar in the thoughts of the lofty spheres, combined with the vocal part in the unity of screaming and growling. The Friend of the Devil continues the Unseen Faith - Waver album by complicating the rhythm of musical passages in unexpected compositional decisions, keeping the echoes of the previous song in the chorus.
Incredibly hit main motive captivates in the Dystopia introduction, then vocal phrases and music complement it with variety. The Sceptic heats up a dark musical twilight, complementing the vocals with an atmosphere of mystical omens. The brooding instrumental symphony Intermission envelops the atmosphere of hazy mystery, ending these reflections with a whirlwind of (Don't) Fear vocals despair and anxiety, combined with the progressive fracture of instrumental passages of the mid-tempo march.
The S.O.S. vocals intro phrases bring a fierce recitative, combining screaming and growling in an anticipating twilight symphony wave of drive, then lifting emotional screaming to the crest of the musical wave. The Tree continues the mid-tempo vocal procession, bringing the vocal part to the fore of the musical anthem. The Interlude instrumental composition precedes the final track of this release Anchor Me, that is complementing the epic symphony with a vocal part.