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Everything and everyone has its own destiny

March 16, 2018
Angra - Omni

Majestically and inspiringly Light Of Transcendence begins Angra - Omni the album with a bright introduction explicitly infused by the classical music themes, then carried away in a bright race for unknown goals. In the verse, a gloomy fog envelops the vocal revelations, scattering the dusk in the bridge before the choruses and raising the fairy tale into the light of the sun in the chorus.
Mysterious melody with oriental shades precedes the florid and interrogative Travelers Of Time beginning, the vocals juggle with shades. Then, continuing the same cycle of unclear vortices at an average tempo, accelerates the tempo somewhat, but the riddles only change the trajectories of their vortices. The vocals in the chorus tend to pierce this canvas, but it does not retreat returning again after the guitar solo in the instrumental part.
The singing lady enters the fairy-tale atmosphere romantically and thoughtfully, with a chime of bells on the background. Then the Black Widow's Web musical image is hardened, the male vocal strives to break free from the hard shackles, but demonic screaming reinforces and imprisons the prisoner in a new cage in which he sings his desire for freedom.
The adept choir indicates the Insania title, then the solo bass guitar creates a background for a complex and progressive musical picture. Symphony sounds, orchestral arrangements and chorals on the background create so majestic and inspiring musical image.
A bright and artistic ballad The Bottom Of My Soul creates a sparkling romantic image, dispelling doubts and exalting love and feelings, emotional experiences and wise thoughts beyond ordinary misfortunes.
The voivode's thoughts precede militant musical ideas, with unrestrained fury War Horns casting their enemies out of the way, the vocals sweep in the transcendental distances basing their dreamy phrases on the harsh and gloomy musical firmament of a frenzied drive.
Visually, musical ideas confuses musical impressions, then the folkloric tunes of Aztec priests and gods are carried away Caveman into an unrestrained ritual dance, then the vocals lead the story on behalf of the participant of these ritual sacraments, in a ballad narrating about the traveled wanderings, again and again returning to the unknown rituals.
Changing and very progressively juggling vocal and musical changes Magic Mirror creates incredible combinations of spells, outline unexplored mysteries of unperceived magic, magical romance confusing unimaginable riddles in so romantic atmosphere. Always More continues soft and gentle sounding, a gentle romance beginning, in the final part turning into a sublime majestic ballad.
The title composition, divided into two tracks, completes the album. An unknown fog with acoustic passages creeps in with an obscure mystery, starting the first part of the title track Omni - Silence Inside with soft and mysterious instrumental romance. Then this progressive musical picture becomes tougher, darker and deeper, anticipating the introduction of vocals. Then the vocal and musical passages weave in a delightful symphonic dance, supplementing the vocal reflections with orchestral additions and the touches of classical music and oriental folk motifs. Orchestral symphonic saga Omni - Infinite Nothing completes the title track and the entire album is an inexpressible orchestral extravaganza - which is unrealistic to describe, but worth a listen. For it is worthy to be listened again and again ad infinitum.