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Everyone will be there - someone earlier, someone - right now!

June 08, 2016
Wotam - Angel De La Muerte

Ocean of fire, death stream of hate-rays leads to us Wotam - Angel De La Muerte!
Palpitations, steps, partial progress opens Codigo Demonio for the further progression. mid paced to orchestral brief bridges!
Fast, powerful sharp, ragged A Sangrar Los Oidos continuously different ways by different instruments and abrupt vocals!
Mysteriously, comes with inspiration Angel De La Muerte to us! Its sounds enctangles ut with its furious riffs and its keyboard passages for a few notes. Knocks powerfully, emphasizing obstinately for all of us, that's Antes De Morir. The average rate varies with swinging slower pace as well. Keyboard bridges break that pace with its flows.
Dance as well, it ask that for you, you have to Matar Sin Piedad! Groove, dance, core - don't stop - have to move! Beat, bring down, hit, simmer, extinguish, we have to Hambre Y Miseria! Mysterious vocal monologue slowly leads us across composition.
Acoustic, melodic entry prepares us to continue in the form of a ballad, clean male vocals prolongs waiting Ninos De La Calle, Then the pace accelerated, the power is dialed, the density and severity added.
Bell echoed guitars, the ringing does not leave the heart in vain Ya No Te Quiero, then narration cames to that rings as well with its ballad stories. Naybe not quite ballad, just midtempo for a bit.
Quiet, almost orchestral intro opens A Pelear for our opinion as well. Then an evil, powerful, furious over the changes and melodic orchestral parts.
Almas De Acero slowly, steadily, dismantled piece by piece thasing the flesh, not stopping at nothing, without the slightest doubt, either in music or the rhythm, or oo the vocal parts!