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August 21, 2020
Symmetric Organ - Amazing Disgrace

The wise old man creates a thoughtful introduction with his narration, then the Lost & Gone musical variations intertwined in a frantic dance with the vocal rage of a stern growling set a furious mood. Brief reflections of the guitar solo of the intro continues the Symmetric Organ - Amazing Disgrace album and set the fundamental milestones for the Greeddriver main motive, complementing its rhythmic essence with harsh vocal phrases, entwined with viscous and dark guitar riffs.
The female voice of the announcer anticipates further development of the Praise the Oppressors composition, forcing an irresistible stream of musical drive, preferring the power and density of impetuosity and speed. The guitar solo in the middle of the song is combined with vocal mystery. The composition is completed by the voice of the announcer and musical mystery, smoothly flowing into the intro of Cycles track, which begins with the gloomy mystery of epic mystery, accelerating the musical canvas with the introduction of vocals, but adding a variety of guitar solos to it. The leader announces the phrase, then the Vermin Scheme music pulses with viscous rhythmic guitar passages complemented by the rest of the instruments, but exploding with accelerated drive in anticipation of the vocals.
The (Interludium) instrumental suite with a soft guitar solo and clean vocal speech seems to divide the sections of the album, ending with machine-gun bursts in the background, anticipating the deadly dance of the Digital Native Slavery frantic musical thriller. But the leader's proclamations adds unexpected changes to the musical palette. But the Amazing Disgrace title track transforms the rhythmic essence, sometimes rolling waves of a mid-tempo march, lifting vocal phrases to the crests of the waves.
A mellow guitar solo of the Nemeis Crescendo intro culminates in a dense wave of musical drive topped with guitar solos with a touch of epic narrative. The None for All explodes with a shriek of vocal rage, accentuating the rebellious rage over and over again. The Evilution finishes the album by dancing to a mix of vocal phrases and musical passages.