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June 12, 2022
Small Town Titans - The Ride

After a furious emotional scream of the introduction, the musical narrative of the Rufflin' Feathers rhythmic march begins the musical narrative of the Small Town Titans - The Ride album with restrained pressure, again and again indicating its significance, continuing the sound with a more mysterious and intriguing sound of The Man song, which builds a musical composition based on the combination and alternation of vocal styles.
Vocal chorales give a spiritual atmosphere to the sound of the Behind The Moon composition, then bringing the vocal part to the foreground, further denoting its significance in the Let Me Breathe romantic ballad.
Pressure, drive, indignation and drive are woven into the sparkling musical whirlwind of the Universal Limits song, then returning to the tender and pensive vocals memories of the 9 To 5 enchanting ballad, followed by the viscous heaviness of the Sex And Candy saddened march, which concludes the gloomy verse with the ascension of the banners of hope and the inspired atmosphere of the chorus.
Fierce musical drive and vocal rebelliousness are intertwined in a breathtaking whirlwind of musical charm of the When It All Comes Down song. The Junkie For You (Hey Mama) composition brings to the album a peculiarity of humorous playfulness. The Ride title track concludes the album with a mesmerizing bardic fairy tale, shrouding in echoes of epic sagas and medieval fairy tales.