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Everyone is afraid of this trial

December 21, 2021
Evermore (SWE) - Court Of The Tyrant King

The symphonic musical meditations of the Hero's Journey track supplemented by wordless chorales create the musical atmosphere for the epic musical tale of the Evermore (SWE) - Court Of The Tyrant King album, further soaring with the Call Of The Wild unity of the rapid drive and emotional vocals proclamations, wrapped in a whirlwind of melodic guitar passages.
The vibrant guitar solo of the Rising Tide song takes you on a journey of adventure and discovery, paving the way for its main motif. After the symphonic introduction of the Court Of The Tyrant King title track, it unravels the musical scrolls of the epic tale, complementing the main male vocal part with phrases of the singing lady in romantic musical fragments, developing the fairytale essence of the epic saga. The Northern Cross composition gives the sound an atmosphere of stern significance in unity with melodic echoes of ancient legends, with the introduction of the vocals transforming into the medium tempo narration of a wise storyteller, then slightly accelerating its tempo together with the musical sound.
After an introduction with a romantic ballad, the See No Evil song is transformed into a rapture in sunlight by a bright flight. Once again, the romantic guitar solo creates a sense of festive extravaganza, then remaining in the background of the My Last Command epic musical saga as a background leitmotif. After a harsh and intriguing introduction, the By Death Reborn track closes the album with a bright whirlwind of musical extravaganza.