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Everyone has such a choice

January 13, 2021
Children Of Bodom - Follow the Reaper (Reissue 2001)

Starting with the title track, the Children Of Bodom - Follow the Reaper (Reissue 2001) album takes you into a fast-paced whirlwind of drive, complementing it with symphonic keyboard suites and bright guitar solos. Then the Bodom After Midnight seems to be arguing between charismatic vocal phrases and the symphonic melodism of the instrumental parts.
The echoes of medieval sagas and fairy tales are combined with the captivating musical narration of the Children Of Decadence song. The mid-tempo march marches in a procession of epic ghosts and mystical fairies, raising the banners of the Every Time I Die solemn anthem. It should be noted that personally for me it is the most liked song on the album.
The keyboard symphony sets the direction for the development of the Mask Of Sanity main motive, then intertwining with the guitar solo in a mesmerizing dance, anticipating the fast drive, entwined with ribbons of keyboard sparkles, with the introduction of vocals. The angry phrases in the introduction anticipate the mystical mystery of the Taste Of My Scythe musical narration, then combining epic mystery and vocal emotionality.
The Hate Me! song builds a musical composition by combining foreground vocals topped with keyboard notes. Rolling over with mesmerizing sounding guitar parts, the Northern Comfort brings the vocals to the forefront of the musical image. The Kissing The Shadows concludes the album, embodying the band's inherent unity of symphony and drive, complementing it with enchanting guitar solos of instrumental fragments. But the Hellion (W.A.S.P. cover - Bonus) complements this release with band's rethinking of the song of the legendary band.