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Everybody will be there someday

March 03, 2021
Deadend In Venice - See You On The Ground

Furious growling, entwined with frantic guitar threads, weaves in a stream of energetic drive, but then the Hate Sweet Hate music pacifies the tempo, and the vocal part is complemented by the enchanting melodies of female vocals, then giving these alternations the stylistic essence of the Deadend In Venice - See You On The Ground album, and, perhaps, of the whole group. The fast-paced guitar drive creates a sense of frenzy, but then alternating male and female vocals follow the path of the Personal Decay mid-tempo march. The Brain Execution appeals to the fans of the musical style chosen by the group, adding to it with the introduction of vocals the notes of the peculiarities of this musical creation.
The epic march sets the mood for the echoes of ancient battles, combining at first with vocal severity, but then accelerating the pace and giving the War composition new shades. Romantic shades of a guitar solo give the Long Way Home composition some shades of memories of native places, bringing in the swiftness of adventure with male screaming and enchanting melodies of female vocals. By spinning the flywheel of the intro, the Last Chances sets the direction of the main motive, at first bringing female vocals to the fore, but then complementing its charm with harsh screaming and guitar solos.
Bursting with exciting guitar drive motifs, The Monkey In My Closet raises the banner of female vocals, complementing the album's sound with a stylistic framework complemented by the militant rebellion of screaming and growling. The Dirty Little Princess intensifies the power and severity of the procession of the dark march with echoes of folklore motives and battle sagas. Having absorbed the energy of the previous compositions, the Tomorrow Never Comes ends the album with notes of impatience and unexpected musical revelations.