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Every ritual is necessary to study carefully for performance

December 20, 2019
Tygers Of Pan Tang - Ritual (Japanese Edition)

Charming with a melodic guitar intro, Worlds Apart picks up the waves of the main motive, topped with a sparkling foam of vocal tunes. The buzz of the motor is accompanied by the tunes of a radio announcing the title of the Destiny song, continuing the Tygers Of Pan Tang - Ritual (Japanese Edition) album with inspiring mid-tempo music that brings inspiration with the vocal part.
The viscous introductory music riffs fetter the advancement of the Rescue Me musical procession marched on the verge of a mid-tempo march and a saddened ballad. But Raise Some Hell breaks free by a swift drive that casts off the fiends of evil and dispels the thickening darkness, giving additional vivacity of sound with vocal phrases.
The noise of the wind, the mystery of distant chorales, the chime of the bell and the muffled whisper of the marching drum roll open the gates of the introduction, then Spoils of War is rolling the musical canvas of the epic narrative. Asking some uneasiness with the riffs of the introduction, White Lines then preserving a certain mystery, envelops the vocal phrases with some mystical veils, raising playful banners in the chorus.
The soft acoustic chime of guitar strings begins the Words Cut Like Knives song like a charming romantic ballad, mesmerizing with emotional vocal tunes and incredibly melodic guitar solo passages. But Damn You! again returns to the playful drive, however, restrains the pace with the thoughtful melody of bridges and choruses. However, music again tends towards ballad romanticism, charming with bewitching chimes of guitar strings in couplets with pulsating notes of a bass guitar, however, the sound of Love Will Find a Way composition approaches the average tempo in bridges and choruses.
The harsh sound of a pulsating mid-tempo march pumps up the stubborn, stubborn and unyielding waves of the cerebral procession, the vocals bring notes of militancy and shades of oriental folklore to the Art of Noise musical image. Preserving the epic of the musical narration Sail On transforms the sound with a majestic hymn, inspired and meaningfully marching in a solemn atmosphere. Rethinking the band’s earlier work transforms the sound of the Don't Touch Me There (2019 Version) [Bonus Track] song with a more modern sound and completes the album