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Every riddle hides a clue

May 19, 2020
Dark Sarah - The Puzzle

Grand Breath symphony ends with a vocal monologue, then guitars join the musical narration of the Dark Sarah - The Puzzle album, creating a pulsating mid-tempo march of the Island in the Mist main motive, the keyboard symphony remains in the background in verses, coming to the fore in bridges and crowning the musical image in the chorus. A kind of intriguing playfulness in the sound of musical motifs, as if a grandmother were telling tales to her grandchildren, intriguing in the sounding of Little Men song.
The sparkling impulses of the musical drive, marching in a medium-tempo charm of melodic sparks, then accelerate the pace, raising the chalice of phrases of the singing lady to the top of the Ash Grove musical sea. Sing the flutes to the introduction, as if the birds singing bring the spirit of unity with nature, then the female vocals crown the For the Birds rhythmic embodiment of melody.
The mysterious charm of musical melody accentuates the Deep and Deeper charm of vocal tunes. Incredibly improves the impression of the album, the Dance With the Dragon (feat. JP Leppaluoto) song weaves male and female vocals in the mesmerizing dance of the duet. The singing lady captivates with the narrative of the Cliffhanger tale, raising the inspiration of musical style to incredible heights.
This release is completed by compositions in which the participation of invited musicians had a significant impact on the vocal part - first Aquarium (feat. Charlotte Wessels) flies away with a whirlwind of rapid drive, varying the rhythmic structure of the musical narration. Then Rain (feat. Manuela Kraller) completes the album with a certain incarnation of a minstrel ballad, introducing echoes of mystical tales of ancient times.