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Every battlefield creates its own legends and fairy tales

January 11, 2019
ChthoniC -Battlefields Of Asura (English Version)

Epic Drawing Omnipotence Nigh intro motif erects a symphonic basis of a melody, piercing the entire ChthoniC - Battlefields Of Asura (English Version) album with a keynote blade. The Silent One's Torch explodes in a torrent of furious drive, giving symphonic melody swift energy and harsh power. In the composition and the album as a whole, the vocal part is built on the alternation of phrases of screaming and growling, from time to time combining them in a bewitching duet.
Returning the dreamy veil of mystical symphony, then screaming calls to the drive, with which in a dispute symphonic passages build a fascinating confrontation, merging in the bridges and choruses in the charming sound of the Flames Upon The Weeping Winds song. After a short sigh, it seems that A Crimson Sky's Command continues the previous composition, starting with emotional screaming, entwined with saddened romance, bringing meditations to the bridge and complementing the vocal part with deep growling, alternating them with an exciting sensual dialogue.
The rapid flow of the majestic melody brings the leitmotif to the forefront of the sound, inspiring such a valiant and significant Souls Of The Revolution composition of the changes between the impetuous impetuous couplets and the majestic, solemn choruses enveloped in the trends of Japanese and Oriental folklore.
Mystical twilight in a round dance of epic motifs envelops hardened vocal phrases with ribbons of fascinating tales, enveloping the Taste The Black Tears vocal part with the mystery of enchanting haze.
The One Thousand Eyes intro rolls out a canvas of a majestic narration, then the vocals complement this epic tale with new and new shades of dark spell.
A pensive instrumental Masked Faith romance envelops the perception of a peaceful haze of illusory dreams. Then the Carved In Bloodstone explosion of a bright symphony and inspired chorals erects romantic circles of epic narration, while maintaining romantic inspiration.
Preserving the enchanting epic sound and shrouding the main motif with mysterious ribbons of fabulous shades Millennia's Faith Undone complements the sound of the couplets with a more powerful drive, raising music in choruses above clouds of unsteady swiftness.
Obscure Autopoiesis dusk envelops the completion of the album with a mysterious haze, enveloping the obscure prophecies with a mystical haze.