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Every alpha has its own omega at the end

November 05, 2017
Septicflesh - Codex Omega (Limited Edition)

Mysterious symphonic motives slowly and secretly make their way into the Dante's Inferno introduction, which starts Septicflesh - Codex Omega (Limited Edition) (CD1) album. Then the music gets unbearable power, connecting hard powerful guitar riffs and deep, insistent vocals growling. But the symphonic motifs envelop this power, raising their charm beyond violent power.
Rhythmic drive rolls in an impregnable wave of the 3rd Testament, musical rage sweeps clouds of gloomy fog, in that harsh drive, keeping the spirit of mysterious melodies. In the chorus, keeping the rhythmic structure somewhat slows down the tempo and envelops the vocal phrases with the triumph of symphonic ideas.
In music, oriental notes are noticeably influences on the development of composition Portrait of a Headless Man, vocals is first mixes clean and growling styles, then the last one occupies a dominant position, driving as if with divine charms its phrases into a bright symphonic musical canvas.
Eastern notes continues to circulate in Martyr song as the dusk of the sandy breath of a hot desert, but already restrained in its melodic sound. A delightful symphonic melody Enemy of Truth entices the rest of the instruments and vocals to follow it, capturing many different musical solutions to serving it without any regard to various distractions.
The harsh melody covers all surrounding factors submitting to its Dark Art irresistible will, enveloping the surrounding space with its unrestrained triumph, which calls for foggy clean vocals.
The following songs, Our Church Below the Sea and Faceless Queen drives listeners to waves of furious unrestrained drive. Although, it is so complicated and interesting - dreamy mysterious clean vocals and vivid melodic decisions give a frenzied interest in listening to these songs. The horror bends already in the The Gospels of Fear introduction rolling in the growing streams of music, then pererostaya into a frightening drive. Before the introduction of the vocals, modern musical moves resonates with ancient oriental folklore motifs.
A soft lyrical introduction suggests a romantic ballad, but Trinity puts on a romantic essence in a more dense and severe sounding armor, supplementing them with drive, distant chorals and severe growling.

For those who think about rock and metal "it's hard, it's difficult and impossible to listen that!" the band added one more implementation of the album's musical ideas Septicflesh - Codex Omega (Limited Edition) (CD 2) , in orchestral symphonies.
Already in the names of the songs Martyr of Truth, Dark Testament, Portrait of a Headless Man it is obvious which compositions are implemented in their sound.
But that is not so simple - listen and make sure of it!