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Every ages leaves legends

November 27, 2019
Ethereal Riffian - Legends

Chime of guitar strings create a mysterious atmosphere, Sage's Alchemy instrumental track sounds like intriguing intro of the Born Again song, that is continuing the Ethereal Riffian - Legends album by adding instrumental passages with mysterious vocal phrases, then giving the music the character of a pulsating mid-tempo march. Dreamgazer draws music into a viscous abyss of thoughtfulness, enveloping viscous musical passages of the introduction with vocal phrases that take inspirational trends, however, calling for complementing the viscous sound of the viscous gloomy anthem with some shades of power and drive.
The title track Legends rolls in waves of a pulsating mid-tempo drive, circling with vocal phrases in an exciting dance with instrumental passages. Beginning with the romantic thoughtfulness of the introduction, the Kosmic song then transforms into a leisurely ballad, in instrumental bridges transforms into a pulsating march.
A rioting guitar solo calls for an energetic wave of mid-tempo drive, Unconquerable rolling with a powerful shaft that sweeps away any obstacles. The beginning of Moonflower composition appears as thoughtful instrumental variations, introducing some shades of mysterious romanticism and introducing echoes of cosmic currents. But then the composition complements the sound with the vocal part and brings a kind of drawn-out rejection.
Painful Pain to Wisdom musical motifs brings in a certain defilement caused by the heat and anhydrous exhausted desert, vocals tunes introduce motifs of oriental folklore. Then follows the narration of the announcer, ending with the same viscous stream of music. The instrumental composition Yeti's Hide (Bonus Track), enchanting with thoughtful and sophisticated musical lace, prepares for the final song of the album Ethereal Path, complementing its musical passages with vocal phrases that are somewhat different from the rest of the album with originality and a certain touch of oriental romance.