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Every age has its beginning and conclusion

February 21, 2018
Sylosis - Conclusion Of An Age

The noise of the wind and the sea surf creates a pacified sense of unity with nature and elements, supplementing a light anxious Desolate Seas melody with an epic atmospheric sense. Explosion of drive, power and energy begins After Lifeless Years that continues Sylosis - Conclusion Of An Age album, then developing the motif of the previous composition and filling it with the musical power and supporting vocals with unforgettable and exciting accompaniment.
The enchanting melodic motive of the introduction envelops with magical anticipations, but The Blackest Skyline in front of the verse waves a dark wave of musical fury, in breeches, changing the rhythm to demanding reflections. But in the instrumental the dreamy romanticism returns again.
Waves of severe drive in which impalpable elements of the album's keynote are interwoven are interspersed with dreamy romanticism, in which inspired clean vocal is betrayed by dreams on Transcendence background.
The Reflections Through Fire main motive causes so anxious forebodings, it carries away in the sparkling race through the fiery spaces, from time to time, burning with lofty and fiery reflections.
The title composition Conclusion Of An Age develops against the background of storms and thunder, epically and breathtakingly combining the energy and power of the drive and the proud reflections of vocal phrases, combining various shades of rhythm and musical ideas in a hawkish musical image. Storm and thunder rolls out the composition.
Soft acoustic ballad with a muffled surf on the background enchanting melodic gentle continuation of Swallow The World song, then soaring up with a mighty furious drive in a fast race, culminating in the triumph of melodic romance. In the middle of the rhythmic composition, it transforms into a dreamy epic march, the vocals initially display a few shades of screaming and growling, then the clean vocals wrap their dreamy phrases in sparkling romantic melodies. But the breaks, which continued the romantic beginning in the wave of drive, are woven together with a dreamy epic together, completing the composition.
Surreal thoughts and anxious forebodings sweep the waves of dark emotions, the vocal from the entry severely and meaningfully affirms the indisputability of Teras statements. The glittering canopy of a bright melody blesses short breeches, in the instrumental part of the romance and epic brooding rise from the gloomy twilight.
Swift ghostly waves of foreboding flow around, frightening Withered vocal phrases and enveloping the mist of dark charm in breeches and choruses, adding some romantical shades to the composition of this song.
These shades brightly and inspiringly develops into an acoustical introduction of Last Remaining Light song, stopping furious drive and then combining these elements together in an energetic melody and a combination of melody and rage.
Pulsing in angry emotions, Stained Humanity rolls by an unrestrained wave, carrying away any obstacles and pumping waves of a severe march in instrumental bridges in front of the choruses vocals statements.
Ritual fog in the end of the previous composition precedes the epic beginning of Oath Of Silence, pierced by a blade of the leitmotif, around which, like an ash lance, a vine of vocal and musical meditations. In such an exciting and unforgettable unity of ancient tales and a bright drive and the album ends.