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Every abyss has the darkest bottom and much lighter exit

January 20, 2018
Nuckin' Futs - Abyss

Harsh energetic and impetuous drive of Cradle of Hypocrisy song, combining gloomy reflections with sharp explosions of fury and rabies, begins the Nuckin' Futs - Abyss album with an energetic fog of instrumental frenzy and vocal fury, concluding the couplets with severe waves of growling.
In a tight drive, the Force of Will vocals first lift the party to a clean vocal, then it becomes sterner and thickens their sound in the harsh direction, then again referring to the clean style at the beginning of the next verse. In the instrumental part, first the guitar raises a bright melodic solo over a dusky fog, which again pulls the music into its twilight spaces.
As if returning from distant wanderings, the main motive Enemy brings a bit of cosmic melody, supplementing the sound with some shade of progressive music. In the refrain, the vocals rigidly and rhythmically drive their phrases into the sound of the composition. The title track Abyss begins with an amazing mysterious melody, intriguing then the broken rhythmic structure and asserting the artistic origin over the simple drive. But in the verse, the stream of drive sweeps from its path resistance, breaking against the banks of the chorus and the instrumental part, pouring out bright and peculiar passages with raging rages. In the instrumental part, charming melodism complements the composition with lyrical magic and the vocals softly and sensitively moves away from the hard drive into the limits of dreamy romance.
In the shades of Call of the Unknown musical parts, the same sensual shade of artistry persists, creeping in and into the vocal parts - and this gives rise to a wave of a very peculiar and enchanting drive.
The incredible melodic Chains of Reprisal introduction brings an atmosphere of dreamy passion, then pulsating impulses rush into a stubborn race behind the traces of dreams, restlessly and uncompromisingly sweeping the pace, then pondering in some breathing spaces.
In hurried and hasty speed, the vocals in the Primal verses strives to contain an incredible set of meanings, in the bridges the enchanting melodic musical solutions complement this diligence with charm, in the choruses the vocal reflects on the correctness of the chosen cases.
In the last composition of the album, Tied to the Past, the band unbelievably expands the boundaries of the musical genre, combining art rock, progressive music and violent trash (which, however, almost does not have a place in a charming lyric ballad).