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Evening haze sometimes so mysterious

June 16, 2019
 Abduction (FRA) - A L'heure Du Crepuscule

Soft, like a fascinating minstrel ballad, the passages are combined in the lace of the opening song of the Sous Les Cendres Et La Pierre song. Then the vocal brings up an emotional outburst of prayer, intertwining with a fierce desire for change in the world. In the instrumental bridge, the minstrel ballad returns, then again the rage and emotions of vocal screaming explode into a musical image, retreating before the preacher's preaching with clean vocals. Then a soft romantic ballad pacifies the musical canvas, anticipating the dreamy melodies of clean vocals. Screaming returns in a stately mid-tempo hymn, retreating again before the soft passages of a minstrel ballad.
Fascinating guitar fingering continues the Abduction (FRA) - A L'heure Du Crepuscule album with a soft acoustic melody of the Les Visiteurs Du Soir composition, appeasing anxiety and calming thoughts and anticipating the title track, chasing a furious drive over the intro, but then interrupting this fierce swiftness with a soft ballad. But the introduction of vocals returns the power and drive, remaining, however, on the verge of average tempo, restraining the rapid impulses of melodies of clean vocals. However, growling again drives the waves drive. In this alternation and passes the sound of the composition.
First, soft tunes and reflections are intertwined in the fascinating haze of romanticism, then the furious growling alternates with the emotional tunes of clean vocals, retreating before the fascinating melodiousness of instrumental bridges. A soft, melodic ballad completes the Souvenir De Lierre composition with gentle tunes of clean vocals.
Softly and gently entering the La Grande Illusion main motive, it consistently builds its castle, raising the walls of a powerful drive and weaving phrases of clean vocals and growling. Then again, a wonderful romance envelops us with a marvelous atmosphere of peace and tranquility, anticipating an explosion of furious drive. Les Ailes Du Temps thoughtfully and epically completes the album with an acoustic chime of the strings, completing the conceptual musical narration with a soft instrumental ballad.