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Even the horror and fear will start

September 07, 2020
Tulkas - The Beginning of the End (EP)

Entering the unity of a guitar solo and a bass guitar solo the Outsider God Creation (O.G.C) song then complements this musical unity with a vocal part, escorting this unity by accelerating the tempo to a fast drive.
The guitar solo of the Devastation by Greed introduction creates an intriguing mystery, whipping up more and more premonitions - but then the Tulkas - The Beginning of the End (EP) album explodes with a fierce musical thriller, while retaining the melody around emotional outbursts of vocal rage.
Once again, the guitar solo sets the anticipation for further Extinction musical narration, which is then based on vortexes of emotional frenzy of vocal phrases, complemented by guitar riffs and accentuating conclusions of musical tacts. The guitar solo of the instrumental part brings the charm of epic motives, taking you into the vastness of dreams and enchanting fairy tales.
The title track Beginning of the End opens with rhythmic pulsations, then complemented by twilight artistry of guitar passages and emotional phrases of the vocal part. Then the guitar passages bring progressive elements of rhythmic transformations, adding ballad romanticism to the guitar solo of the instrumental part, which still has the same progressive artistry, thus creating a feeling of incredible significance of the album's sound and its stylistic framework.
Reimagining and showing tribute to the legends of music ends the album with the The Shortest Straw (Metallica Cover) song.