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Eurovision 2022 - first semi-final

May 11, 2022
Eurovision 2022 - first semi-final

On May 10, 2022, the first semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 was held in Turin. 17 artists from Albania, Latvia, Lithuania, Switzerland, Slovenia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Moldova, Portugal, Croatia, Denmark, Austria, Iceland, Greece, Norway and Armenia lit up the stage of the PalaOlimpico arena.
The first to appear on the stage was Ronela Hajati - a representative of Albania, with the song Sekret. A fiery start! Then the Latvian band Citi Zēni performed with the Eat Your Salad song, which broke a flurry of applause. The contestant from Lithuania Monika Liu immersed the audience in dreamy thoughtfulness with the sensual song Sentimentai. After it, the Swiss Marius Bear with the song Boys Do Cry touched the hearts of the listeners. The LPS band from Slovenia made everyone start dancing with a performance of the song Disko. Representatives of Ukraine Kalush Orchestra, whom bookmakers called unconditional candidates for victory in the competition, performed Stefania song. Ukrainians managed to surprise the audience and thanked Europe for its support.
Intelligent Music Project from Bulgaria with showed what real rock is the Intention song. Dutch singing lady S10 took the stage with the song De Diepte - simplicity and sophistication in the absolute. Incendiary Zdob şi Zdub and Frații Advahov from Moldova sang Trenulețul and brought everyone into the atmosphere of a cheerful wedding. Charming MARO from Portugal touchingly sang Saudade Saudade. Croatian singer Mia Dimšić performed the song Guilty Pleasure to the accompaniment of a guitar. Incendiary REDDI from Denmark sang the song The Show. Next came LUM! X feat. Pia Maria from Austria with the song Halo - a cool dance track that literally blew up the audience. A trio of sisters from Iceland called Systur with the song Með Hækkandi Sól embodied the spirit of the Wild West - real cowboys have never been so beautiful! Greece was represented by the singer Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord with the song Die Together - tender, tragic, touching. Norwegian Subwoolfer in yellow wolf masks presented a pearl of electronic music called Give That Wolf A Banana. Rosa Linn from Armenia closed the first semi-final of Eurovision-2022 with the song Snap.
According to the results of the first semi-final, representatives of the following countries reached the final of Eurovision-2022, which will be held on May 14:

  1. Lithuania: Monika Liu – «Sentimentai»
  2. Switzerland: Marius Bear – «Boys Do Cry»
  3. Ukraine: Kalush Orchestra – «Stefania»
  4. Netherlands: S10 – «De Diepte»
  5. Moldova: Zdob şi Zdub & Frații Advahov – «Trenulețul»
  6. Portugal: MARO – «Saudade Saudade»
  7. Iceland: Systur – «Með Hækkandi Sól»
  8. Greece: Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord – «Die Together»
  9. Norway: Subwoolfer – «Give That Wolf A Banana»
  10. Armenia: Rosa Linn – «Snap»