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Eurovision 2016 - starts!

May 09, 2016

The Red Carpet and Opening Ceremony sign the Eurovision Song Contest officialy opens.

Walked along the Red Carpet artists and delegations were taken to the City Hall for the Opening Ceremony.
The determination of schedule also took place - France, Germany and Italy will perform in the 1st half, then Spain and the UK will perform in the 2nd.

Ukrainian competitor, Jamala, watered the red carpet by the tears. Let this path will lead her to victory at this competition!
Cheer, believe, hope! What she said about the chances:
"The main contender on the stage consider myself, because I have a very emotional song. It's much differs by the music, the meaning from another on that contest", - clarified Jamala.
"I set out to leave something in the heart of every European who will watch the Eurovision. It will be a victory, when I realize that I have affected people by my creativity, by my word. This year's competition will tell - if this is just a show, then man "X" wins, or if thats the song contest - "1944" wins!" - artist said.


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