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Eternal will stay in the hearts and souls forever

September 17, 2016
Vivaldi Metal Project - The Four Seasons

What will live forever in the hearts, in souls will find an echo - that's Vivaldi Metal Project - The Four Seasons , that make the world around us habitual.
The sound of the opening door precedes strong, heavy guitar riff, then choral follows in intro of the Escape From Hell. Then symphonic elements combines with each other in a single burst, wich attracts our attension by its impressive flexible sounds. Then clean vocals takes the main role in that act 'till the end, supported by all another.
Classical Music revived by the modern instruments appears with the first sounds of The Illusion Of Eternity, next then fair lady her operatic vocals indicates cogency of eternity, which is never to be forgotten!
Quiet notes of acoustic guitar complements with sad weeping strings of an electric guitar, then vocals exalts excellence of Vita over the lifeless soulless phenomena, choir helps to demonstrate the superiority of this, helping to demonstrate the highest goals and aspirations. Next brief phrases of lady hammers the last nail in that legendary tale.
Euphoria exalts glad tidings in its sound by optimistic erecting with a beautiful female vocals to podium of delight, that indestructible for the surrounding turmoil and everyday problems.
Starting like quiet melodic suite, piano notes preparing the groundwork for the subsequent emotional instrumental flash bang, that starts the tale of Sun Of God. Instruments soothe their orchestral pitch, to give the way first for male then female vocals to narrate their stories. Guitars solo with chorus ends the track.
Lyrical and romantic lady calmly tells the sublime tale of Immortal Soul, then male vocals complements the story with its shades. Next fiddle takes the main role in that sage, then vocals returns to their path again untill the guitars solo - to return after it 'till the end with child's voice.
Intro roars, we draws with chorus, the guitar overthrows their riffs - to draw us away in stream of rapid and irresistible temptation - into Thunderstorm. Then the vocals enhance the effect of rapid impact of unsurpassed storm and foreshadow the final tempestuous rapid guitar riff!
It turns at a gala celebration in the royal hall, among the guests of honor - the Duke and Duchess, princes and princesses, counts, lords, barons and nobility festival - all of that gives you the feeling of The Age Of Dreams!
Gloomy, mysterious atmosphere surrounds the lab, ghostly spirit of the Alchemy hovers around us. Violin resonates with female chants, giving a light shade of gothic romance to that tight atmosphere. Then, after a pause, the narrator with male operatic vocals tells his story, without hiding any details or nuances, supported by chorus and ladies voice.
After celebrating Stige by enchanting nobility, servants tidies throne room, suggesting purity and brilliance for the next generations.
Combining the difference in lifestyles by combining various instruments in general and interesting picture - to pull up at the forefront, is keen attention to fiddle, vocal passages echoed it by their nervous emotional phrases - that all explains The Meaning Of Life for all of us!
Music raises us to the clouds, flying on its wings easily and happily, because we have to be ready for the The Final Hour. We meet this important and indispensable fact solemnly, combining male and female vocals with tight and powerful guitar riffs.
Female vocals of the Grande Madre leads her story against the backdrop of distant chants of adherents of ancient cults, and then the music becomes hardened into a dark and heavy atmosphere, shrouding with the ghostly demonic voices, both male and female - the memory demands respect and reverence, certainly and properly!
The choir shows signs of respect, praising all the memorable ages before the Doomsday, then demonic growl, resonating with echoes of bygone eras brings us to the accomplishment of the final phase of this epic saga. Then, in the instrumental part recalls fragments of past songs to sign - that they will never be forgotten.