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Eternal night so ordinary in the Darkland

June 17, 2016
OrdinaryStory - Darkland

Darkland title track performs the intro with strange mysterious ringing and siren, comes from afar. OrdinaryStory - Darkland .
Rhythmically rides, stepping from side to side, with howling sirens on the The Roads of Crow. Then the vocals slows down the composition over this road.
Powerful and furious entry changes by guitar fingering and dreamy vocals, so Eternal Night flows further like lyrical ballad, vocals add nervous and emotional component in the chorus.
The sharp, rhythmic jerks begins Plastic Smile, mighty rides through the vers 'till melodical chorus calm down that rush for a bit. Next verse more ragged with a harsh vocals. Chorus-style tune goes 'till the end.
Quiet, mysterious chime and heart beats signs that already 3.00am!
Mysteriously, delightful and inspiring starts Sooner and Later continue like ballad, then gains more emotions for a vocals and might'n'power to the instrumens. Some, like at the beginning, anticipates a final burst of melodic instruments and vocals.
The Weakness confession, quiet and relaxing, to the accompaniment of a bass guitar and drums.
Power beats in all directions, rage splashing its spits - there's no apologies for the Tragic Lie! The rhythm changes between fast and slow at a moderate pace, varying angry and aggressive verses with lyrical and melodic chorus.
Ballad variation of the Eternal Night (piano version - feat. Simone H. Salvatori) with a piano solo with another vocal.
Awake siren announces neighborhood by its howling - that's outro of entire album!