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Eternal mystery is transformed again and against

August 19, 2019
Spatial - Continuum

The viscous and viscous musical canvas of the Drowned Nymphs composition begins the Spatial - Continuum album, alternating clean and growling in the vocal part, while maintaining a hint of light sadness and anxiety in musical motives. Vocal speeches shrouded in lace of guitar passages create a bewitching reverie to the Beyond The Limits introduction, then the drum roll against the backdrop calls for the hardening of musical romance and the transformation of clean vocals into growling. A pulsating mid-tempo march Supernova marches through a stubborn procession advancing along the path chosen by the main motive.
The Posag Zimowych Snow romance, mesmerizing at the beginning, transforms the sound of the album, changing the lyrics from English to Polish. In the vocal part, clean vocals alternate with emotional screaming, ending phrases with growling. R1A1 again returns to English lyrics, and expands the stylistic framework of the album with a fierce introduction. But then clean vocals uprises the banner of romantic experiences again. Braiding the harsh and sophisticated phrases of the vocal part with bewitching lace of the main motive, Remember The Vienna song inspires memories and reflections.
Clean male vocals alternate with thoughtful growling and sometimes inferior to the front edge of the Restless Life musical image to the bewitching tunes of a singing lady, sometimes intertwining clean male vocals and female in a duet. Twilight musical motifs of the Second Soul song dazzles vocal phrases that recede to the side before the preacher's speeches. Zla Sie Nie Uleknecompletes the album, again turning to the lyrics in Polish. At first, the enchanting atmosphere of romantic thoughts, clean vocals broadcast the main motive, with a severe growling in the background and from time to time backing away for a drive that envelops screaming with growling vocals.