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Epic stories of conquest and war

June 09, 2021
Stone Healer - Conquistador

The chime of acoustic guitar creates a charming romanticism in the intro of the One Whisper song, but then vocal changes and musical variations create all new and new sickling images. The Whence Shall I composition compacts and tightens the sound of the talker of a dense drive, a diverse musical essence of the Stone Healer - Conquistador album, including vocals fierce.
Strongly and persistently starting, bringing progressive notes and unity of music styles to the sound, the Surrender track, or another music artwork? It sounds like a separate musical creation, embodying many genres and artistic variations of an unimaginable diversity of musical entities.
The measured and leisure procession of music passages will accommodate the twilight ambiguity of the Torrent of Flame vocals reflections, which are in a shady smoke of unresolved doubts. The Until My Will Is Gone song's music and vocals are combined in a non-paint conflict, intertwining in the sacrament of musical essence, fierce vocals to violent screening.
Progressive breaking musical essence is combined with the Twenty-Two vocals reflections in mysterious musical artistry, anticipating incredible union of styles and genres in the Into the Spoke of Night final album composition.