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Enveloping with the atmosphere of live music

September 13, 2021
Seahaven - Halo Sessions

Thoughtfully and mysteriously the Void (Live In Studio) song begins the Seahaven - Halo Sessions album's musical narration of the sad ballad, in which half-word vocal reflections complement keyboard notes, transforming bright guitar solo in instrumental bridges and mental ascension in the chorus. The Moon (Live In Studio) composition develops and transforms musical sadness with artistic inspiration, binding music and vocals in the artistic dance.
The soft guitar chime fascinates with the Dandelion (Live In Studio) melodic inspiration, fascinating in dreamy wanders, continuing this procession in the muffled dreamy phrases of the I Don't Belong Here (Live In Studio) song. The Lose (Live In Studio) composition flies charming lace from acoustic guitar chords.
Twilight renewal motives of intro are receded by the vocalized outcomes of the Harbor (Live In Studio) verses, returning to a melodious inspiration in the sound of the chorus. Keyboards passages are comming to the forefront of the Living Hell (Live In Studio) musical image.
The muffled vocal reflections of the Bait (Live In Studio) composition are fond of travel through a sleepy unclear haze, anticipating the sound of the Eraser (Live In Studio) final song of the album.