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Entangled in cocoon will reborn as something higher

October 26, 2017
Emma Gatrill - Cocoon

A soft, tactful atmosphere envelops the waves of thoughtful tenderness in the album Emma Gatrill - Cocoon , creating a relaxed atmosphere of wise meditations.
Beginning with something like shaman dances Skin creates a fog of restrained anxiety, vocal reflections obscure the puzzle, leaving many questions without answers.
After troubles, a pensive romantic ballad Robin brings unshakable calm atmosphere, flattening a lot of anxiety.
Wild Waters continues the atmosphere of sensual dreams, leaving in the field of myths and fairy tales, adding dreamy notes to the vocals phrases.
Without leaving mystical shores, Odd Ones Out continues to broadcast imaginative images, enveloping phrases with a soft and romantic atmosphere of musical ideas.
Tranquility spreads out in a soft and easy-moving, exciting symphony Space, attracting cosmic currents to rally at one point - around you.
The title track Cocoon is based on the chime of the strings that forms the foundation of the leitmotif, vocal phrases complements these soft and exciting notes.
In song You, vocal dominates, beating its shades with different waves, trembling and raising its notes to the sky, expressing a storm of emotions and tender feelings. The rest of the instruments surround this extravaganza with sensual care.
Country-style Philomela remembers the long forgotten places, pierced by family memories, supplementing them with a haze of mysterious feelings and experiences, violins bring a touch of mythical magical creatures.
Soft, restrained and quiet, with rare notes of guitar strings Eliza Harora sounds like a lullaby, lulling everything around.
Cast Out continues the lullaby theme, sating his music with soft and restrained melodies, completing the album in an atmosphere of wise contemplation.