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Endless night will bring a new shages of grey

June 15, 2023
Girls Under Glass - Backdraft

Embarking on the musical path with its Backdraft (Prelude) title intro, the Girls Under Glass - Backdraft album envelops the listener in an atmosphere of twilight mystery and ghostly conjectures hovering around, dispelling the gloom with a cheerful and energetic guitar solo of the introduction of the Nightkiss song, bringing an atmosphere of fun and night festivity to the sound. The Tainted (feat. Mortiis) vocals story captivates musical variations to follow the musical path chosen by the vocal part.
And again expanding the stylistic framework of their work, the group in the We Feel Alright composition raises the banners of freedom-loving inspiration, bringing to the musical image the unity of electronic music and folklore motifs, pacifying this pressure in the gentle and enchanting sound of the No Hope No Fear romantic ballad, returning to the futuristic electronic style in the unity of music and vocals of the Eiskalt / Sunburst (feat. Derharms) composition.
Bringing vocals to the forefront of the musical image, the Tanz im Neonlicht song brings nervousness and searches full of doubts and uncertainties to the sound of the album, followed by the pulsating electronic impulses of the Everything Will Die composition and the anxious dance motifs of the Endless Nights track, as if combining the twilight echoes of ancient charms and the atmosphere of future experiences, followed by the rest and pacification of the Heart On Fire sensual ballad, which completes the album in a viscous atmosphere of endless thought.