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End of healing

February 15, 2022
Yeule - Yeule (EP)

The thoughtful ruminations of the singing lady open the musical gates of the Yeule - Yeule (EP) album of the same name, enchanting the listener with a mesmerizing dance of the Ending music and vocals.
The sound becomes even more twilight and mysterious, enveloping the vocal meditations of the Heal song with an air of mystery and uncertainty, and clothed with the airs of mysterious doubts and mysterious omens.
The pulsating musical heartbeat complicates the rhythmic structure, giving the sound of the Impure composition a note of mystery and an intriguing component due to the mysterious introduction, carefully and unhurriedly preparing for the development of the main motif.
The vocal part comes to the forefront of the Intermission musical image, supported by melodic rolls of keyboard passages, drawing the musical accompaniment to follow the indicated path, then combining the vocal part in an enchanting duet. The Thoughts composition closes this release with mysterious intriguing musical passages, as if invisible ghosts are hovering around with echoes of distant crowds and unknown rumors.