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Emptiness requires filling, but all around still empty

December 03, 2017
Dead Reward - A Sort Of Empty

Sensual reflections begin the Dead Reward - A Sort Of Empty album, twitching the frame with sad thoughts and gloomy mood. In Loneliness and Sadness, clean vocals dominates, the growling flashes with inclusion, then performs its harsh influence.
The violent flow of the power of instrumental and vocal phrases by the growling begins Choices music, but then sadness envelops the vocal part, the accompaniment complements it, throwing in a sad fog. In the instrumental solo, the melody captivates with the dark charm that summons the demonic growling, then continuing its enchanting dark melody. In the end, music and growling complement the sound of a certain drive. Closer to the end, the growling softens the sound and completes the composition with the same charming melody.
Twilight and hopeful mood unite in Failure as the single musical stream, vocal adds thoughtful reflections.
Vocal phrases in unhurried sentiments combines with rhythmic blows in Crossing Over intro. Then romanticism envelops everything with a gloomy haze of reflection and experience. Then the vocals turns to the growling, and in that part the music becomes brighter and more significant. After that comes the instrumental part, which brings a wave of drive, then everything returns to leisurely reflections.
After the phrases of the girl, the news speaker of Insomnia composition goes to the instrumental spaces, soft and sensual main motives appealing to empathy. Vocals only at the end makes a few phrases.
Soft, restrained reflections in the fetters of not particularly terrifying sadness begin the Your Weakness composition. The instrumental part brings a bit of rage and power, behind it the vocals are presented to us by a fierce demonic growling. Twilight instrumental solo completes the composition and album.