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Electron is not alone

July 01, 2016
Duality (Ita) - Elektron

Search for the core is going on, but already have found the Duality (Ita) - Elektron.
Fiddlestick tugging violin strings, fiddler lost in conjectures... then guitars connects to the round dance of thoughts in the fiddler's mad mind in intro of the Six Years Locked Clock. Vocals starts his story, supported by the rhythmic beats, then accompaniment splashes out rage and aggression, speeding over the tracks. This alternation repeats for a several times. Instrumental part begins with improvisation of the acoustic guitar, and then other instruments pick up the jazz motifs, they can't leave the song without its improvisation. Then follows the aggression again, interrupted one time by strange and quiet strings.
Mysterious, intriguing riff opens Azure warp space by ragged and jagged rhythms, that can't fit into the primitive perceptions of untrained listeners. Over this rhythm section's fury and obsession sounds simple, lyrical, catchy tune, which picks up acoustic guitar, making rhythm and perception simpler for a while.
Musicians Having walked the streets after hearing the primitive and monotonous Dixieland, improvise. Bass guitar solo begins, then fiddle takes the baton of instrumental Chaos Introspection.
After it guitar riff begins the next track Along The Crack verse flies aggressive and furiously, ignoring obstacles in its path, slowing down for a while in the bridge followed by the rhythmic part. And then like from above descends inspiration in the form of acoustic guitar fingering! Fiddle attaches its sad lyrics to the sublime and quiet acoustic sacrament. But the fury of verse with a rhythmic bridge returns to end the track!
Calm and balanced guitar, complemented by a mysterious effect begins Motions. Anger and aggression in the verse covers the relaxed and equilibrated tone, enveloping melody by discharges of anger and rage. Melodic instrumental part started unhurriedly calm, turning into a nervous guitar solo. Next, tough styled leitmotif completes the composition as well.
Acoustic guitar and fiddle pick up their parties to each other, then the acoustic guitar rushes into the fray to end the intro of the Plead For Vulnerability. But fiddle don't give up, making their passages more detachable and emotional. Then couple quiet and soothing phrases replaced by a fierce growl, but vocals sounds just for a bit - except for two parts in the middle and towards the end, a composition essentially instrumental.
Initially, rhythm and riffs takes away expectation to simplified style, but Hybrid Regression denies such aspirations, shortly after the melodic death part introducing the ragged rhythm and constant changes of rhythm and sound palettes!
Acoustic guitar sets the stage for an impressive and daunting violin by its fingering, further electric guitars supports lyrical, dreamy tune with their sounds in intro of the Hanged On A Ray Of Light. Next verse groove is replaced by melodic acoustic bridge, then to the fiddle instrumental part questioned the superiority of modern instruments of impressions. In search of their benefits after the last vocal pert, electric instruments looking for a way out of this situation, quite calming down at the end of song ... completing the album!