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Elders knows the incomprehensible for another ones

September 02, 2017
Incursed - Elderslied

Casually, but meaningfully and solemnly the epic instrumental saga Song Of The Ancient lays the foundation of Incursed - Elderslied album with a muted rhythm and bright, symphonic and unforgettable orchestral motifs.
Combining the power and rage woven into the power of the drive, entwined in a whip with a rolling growling in verses and epic sards of bard singing in gentle, clean voice in choruses, Heart Of Yggdrasil continues the solemn saga of the northern peoples.
Ancient tales flowing with blood in our veins are swirling in Raging Wyverns, the pure voice of the all-knowing bard begins the song, then the growling complements this fairy tale with power and weight, then the bard returns - and they alternately take the lead in the accelerated music after instrumental solo. Then follows the response from the Middle Ages, soft and acoustic - and the bard completes the composition.
After a viscous and gloomy entry, a bright, exciting and swift The Wild Hunt leitmotif race follows, which, with significant phrases, is first slowed down by a growling, then, after an instrumental bridge with a violin, a dreamy, clean-headed bard swiftly sweeps away to unimaginable distances, into dreams and graces.
A merry dance, twists in the expanses of musical tale Beer Bloodbath, loosely twisted in the musical parts, supporting the phrases of a growling bear in his legend. After the instrumental delights, the bard calls out to the reverence of the festivities - the crowd of spectators fills the glasses with a foamy drink and choruses the celebrating festivities.
Guitar fingering, cries of seagulls, the sound of waves bring a breeze of a rapid music Tidal Waves. Vocal somewhat calms the swiftness of the flow, but if he distracts, it comes back again.
The epic J stereo legend signifies the ancient tales, solemnly and solemnly, filling veins and thoughts with lost knowledge of old winds and unforgettable fairy tales.
A short noise of rains and winds A Fateful Glare serves as an introduction for the majestic saga Lady Frost that again brings the significance of the oldest chronicles to the top of being, swiftly twisted in the sparkling blizzard of the northern lights.
The Undying Flame (Homeland Part II) continues the unhurried significance of the unforgettable, therefore indescribable knowledge of the ancient elders embodied in books, thoughts, memories and hearts.
The creaking sound of the old gramophone, losing worn vinyl begins the Viking appeal to the distant lands of South America, the archipelago Suaren Lurraldea (The Land Of Fire) crowning the extreme north of this continent, in rapid impulses recreating.
Solemn and enchanting in the triumph of symphonic grandeur, the saga One Among A Million raises folklore motifs to the heights of the musical Olympus, in instrumental bridges rapidly sweeping into unknown spaces, with vocal parts, proudly and solemnly accompanying the phrases with majestic passages. The album ends with a kind of instrumental thought Promise Of Hope, performed by many artists... and after a pause we can listen to the metal cover of the sitcom "Game of Thrones" intro!