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Echoes of weird silent place with no melodies

July 11, 2022
Playfellow - Carnival Off

The soft chime of musical passages is combined with the emotional phrases of vocals trembling, weaving the musical lace of the Your Ghost song and creating the basis for the musical atmosphere of the Playfellow - Carnival Off album, which is complemented by the artistic variability of the Another Weird Place composition, weaving a fascinating canvas of a vocals duet in the chorus after the intriguing preparation of the verse.
The unhurried mystery of the No Melodies brooding ballad of the leisurely ballad precedes the rhythmic pulsations of the sound of pensive vocals reflections preceding the emotional ascension of vocal questions and the search for the Echoes song.
Rolling waves of anxious drive, the All's Asleep rhythmic march complements its step with oriental motifs with vague vocals doubts. The Where April Woods Are Red ballad complements the musical narrative with sensual echoes of romantic experiences.
Enveloping the charm of medieval fairy tales, the Voices From Downstairs minstrel saga precedes the Sad Families bard tale, acting as an introduction to the mesmerizing artistic variations of the Carnival composition, completing the album with its longest and most artistic musical artwork.