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Earthquake - again and again!

March 18, 2017
Stalwart - Tectonic

The earth trembles, the contours of the continents changes: some mountains are scattered, anothers grows up - Stalwart - Tectonic responsible for all of that!
Without the slightest delay, the title track Tectonic begins the album. Mysterious, enigmatic and original, inspiring allegorical fiction and unexpected sounds. Vocals mysteriously whisper their phrases, supplementing the gentle restrained inclusions of the keyboards - but then the vocals and instrumental accompaniments inflate the rage and power of the music.
A brief foggy introduction provides a difference of Sprouts of Fire violent sound. Powerful sounding prefers stubborn rhythmic bursts to increase speed - the pace is kept away from the mighty, tangible blows.
So broken, ragged rhythm in the changeable, incomprehensible dimension of Chainsaw of History blends in with a clean, emotional and deep vocals, crouching dispute with harsh vocals in single entity.
Mysterious, amazing ballad in the introduction of the War Syndrome turns into an angry, broken and disturbed flow of severe undisguised fury.
Power is embodied in a rhythmic, volatile march Temple of Wrath, combining harsh and growling vocals in single stream of musical rabies, flag of melodic keyboard passage hovers over it.
The musical canvas changes the style in some way, changing to an epic melodic death, insisting that the time has already come - They've Come for You! Replacing the sound elements with modern styles, complementing by the core - thus Terror Technologies crush all possible resistance and disagreement with their own methods of activity.
Slowly, neatly and creatively, the introduction of the Invisible Darkness creates the basis for the guitar solo, arising with its sound the laces of complex guitar riffs. This complex, ornate composition, combining changeable vocal phrases with twirled guitar riffs, inspires and exalts the entire album