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Each time has its own weapon

June 29, 2020
Warbringer (USA) - Weapons of Tomorrow

Rage, anger and uncontrollable rebellion are embodied in the Firepower Kills main motive, culminating in vocal indignation. The mysterious musical intrigue of the introduction ends with the pulsation of a combat march, continuing the sound of the Warbringer (USA) - Weapons of Tomorrow album with fierce vocal phrases of The Black Hand Reaches Out composition, introducing emotional shades and re-singing of brothers-in-arms to the chorus.
Keeping the mid-tempo marching pulsations the Crushed Beneath the Tracks compacts the musical sound to the viscous procession of a dark anthem, combining vocal bitterness with musical severity.The twilight musical haze of a saddened ballad intertwines with the emotional cries of vocals, completing the Defiance of Fate song with the epic grandeur of a guitar solo. The Unraveling explodes with a stream of unbridled drive, sharply and unrestrainedly accelerating the pace and creating the atmosphere of a furious musical thriller.
Returning to the leisurely pace and fine melody Heart of Darkness entwines the vocal narrative with twilight vortices of a dark anthem, captivating with the mesmerizing melody of the musical narrative. The Power Unsurpassed accelerates the tempo of the sound somewhat, but remains within the framework of the mid-tempo march, introducing into the vocal phrases the echoes of the old school trash metal. Encircling the epic mysteriousness of the intro motives Outer Reaches creates intrigue, dissecting it with the swift blade of the musical drive after the introduction of vocals. Gitar solo instrumental bridges complement the musical image of epic melody.
The ringing of the bell and the soft melody of the guitar solo are intriguing, then entwining the Notre Dame (King of Fools) with rounds of the guitar passages and slowing down the verse to a leisurely procession, returning in chorus to the round dance around vocal phrases. But after the guitar solo of the instrumental part, the musical sound accelerates the pace and introduces drive trends. But the next instrumental part captivates with the romanticism of an acoustic guitar solo. In the sound of the Glorious End final composition of the album, the vocal part comes to the forefront of the musical narrative, combining the emotional harsh and sophisticated reflections of clean vocals.