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Each thunder has its own source

March 20, 2018
Thundermother - Thundermother

A confident, mid-tempo atmospheric Revival composition is beginning and pressingly begins the Thundermother - Thundermother album.
Whatever continues the music stream of impetuous drive, vocals curbed music in a more rapid rhythm of the average pace.
Vocals dominate the Survival Song sound, the phrases envelop the whirlwinds of restless musical notes hovering around the vocal part like alarmed dragonflies. An energetic drive of Racing On Mainstream song is carried away in an artless extravaganza, moving on to the whims of the vocal part.
A deep and thoughtful ballad Fire In The Rain enfolds everything around in the romantic mist, deepening the atmosphere in the choruses.
Again, the vocals carry other instruments behind their reflections, appealing to a more energetic pitch, but restraining the Hanging At My Door music at an average pace.
Continuing the wave of drive, Rip Your Heart Out sweeps from his path any resistance, pulsating in a swift rhythm, more and more coming to the listener.
Keeping the sound at an average tempo The Original Sin shows a wonderful vocal variety, juggling words like flaming fireballs. But unrestrained swiftness and energy break out of the framework, blowing up obstacles and blowing in the stream of the Quitter main motive based on the bass guitar party.
Beginning with explanations and enumeration of principles, We Fight For Rock N Roll allocates furious battle cry in the choruses, based on the name of the composition.
In the Follow Your Heart introduction sounds a joyful chime full of inspiration, then the vocals turn the music into a bright and exciting ballad.
Vortices of the Children On The Rampage main motive are captured in a majestic dance, whispering an unclear spell in the breeches. In the middle of the song, the melody without words complements the composition with a mysterious intrigue.
The rhythmic anthem states that rock"n"roll never Wont Back Down ends the album with a deep and sonorous ballad, supplementing the rhythmic leitmotif with vivid vocal delights.