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Each element needs its own guard

August 13, 2020
Raider (CAN) - Guardian of the Fire

A burst of vocal rage invokes waves of rhythmic drive that rolls over with harsh anger in the restrained swiftness of the Bound by No Fate dense musical thriller, combining and alternating screaming and growling in the vocal part. The No Sign of the Dawn track is restraining the tempo of the musical narration, the intro to a rhythmic mid-tempo march precedes the vocal intro with a swift drive, then alternating such fragments throughout the sound of Raider (CAN) - Guardian of the Fire album.
Pumping waves of the main motive into the sound, the Endless Vengeance vocal sgives the dominant position in the vocal part to the screaming, again and again emphasizing the name in the chorus. The title composition Guardian of the Fire complements the sound with echoes of a mysterious mysticism, bringing some echoes of epic sagas to the guitar solo, with the introduction of vocals, forcing the severity of a battle march. But then the music takes you into the dance of the impetuous drive.
Foreshadowing the sound of a furious thriller, the Infernal Justice complements that anticipation with artistic variations of musical passages, waiting for the introduction of furious vocal screaming and harsh growling. Mystical echoes of forgotten legends entwine the Ravenous Hydra vocals narration with variable tapes of guitar solos. Weaving intriguing ambiguity into a mysterious intro Offering of Souls then artistically and progressively varies the rhythmic structure of the musical narrative, cutting through this twilight haze with blades of drive with vocal emotions. Based on the unity of vocal variation and harsh musical tenacity, the Destroyer concludes the album with echoes of battle marches and ancient military sagas.