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Dying light breeds darkness

June 26, 2020
Hanging Garden (FIN) - Against The Dying Of The Light

The saddened thoughts of detached male vocals carry the atmosphere of woeful despair, then complementing the At Close Of Day (Into That Good Night) vocal part with the background tunes of female vocals. The distorted phrases in a monologue set an intriguing haze of the Perdition Melody (Rain) intro, then backing down to the inspiration of a singing lady, alternating with the emotional cries of male vocals and electronic pulsations of musical accompaniment to continue the Hanging Garden (FIN) - Against The Dying Of The Light release.
Wrapping vocal phrases with an obscure haze of romantic dreams Welkin Aflame creates inspiration of a thoughtful saga, sometimes hardening the vocal part before emotional growling. The mysterious intrigue of the obscure Shadow Composite (Anamnesis) intro ends with the pulsations of the key passages of the main motive, intertwined with thoughtful vocal reflections.
Guitar solo with melodic inspiration invokes soft reflections of the singing lady, creating the Chance Encounters (Navigator) dreamy mystery. A Song For Those Belated (Rain) completes the album, alternating male and female vocals in the foreground of a musical image, topped by a pulsation of thoughtful keyboard passages.