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Drink your potion from this magical chalice

November 08, 2019
Edenbridge - Dynamind

The twilight mystery of the leisurely ghostly veils of The Memory Hunter musical mystery envelops vocal phrases, revealing the beginning of the development of the essence of the Edenbridge - Dynamind album. Inspiring lightened and somewhat accelerated musical motifs, Live and Let Go leaves the vocal narrative at the forefront of the musical image, complementing the solo tunes of the singing lady with chorales of adepts against the backdrop of the chorus.
After twilight reflection and mysterious mysteries, Where Oceans Collide gives the musical sound a certain swiftness, complementing the vocal passages with a few witchish shades. But then On the Other Side swirls around the whirlwind of the enchanting festival of folklore motifs, enchanting with enchanting tunes and relevant musical content. The acoustic chime of guitar strings, like a serenade of a singing lady, precedes the development of the main motive of the All Our Yesterdays composition, combining guitar variations with inspired keyboard passages and crowning them with echoes of keyboard sacraments. The Edge of Your World returns to drive again, however, preserving its musical passages on the verge of a mid-tempo musical narration and complementing them with enchanting variations.
The mesmerizing sound of such a charming Tauerngold romance inspires inspiration and sensual thoughts about fairy tales and echoes of mystical conjectures. The lace of the What Dreams May Come keyboard solo anticipates the waves of severe drive, continuing to envelop them with artistic covers. Drive retreats before vocal chants, returning again in instrumental bridges.
Like a separate release The Last of His Kind preceded the Dynamind title track, ending the album with a symphonic saga, enchanting with epic variations of inspired musical ideas, after which the final composition is a singing lady's soliloquy with a space keyboard suite in the background