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Dreams surrounds their image with illusive radiance

October 18, 2018
Uriah Heep - Living The Dream

Already in the entry of the first composition of the album Grazed By Heaven, the unity of artistic musical ideas and a magnificent epic is manifested. In a verse, the vocal seeks to escape from the haunting misfortunes, surrounded by the whirlwinds of musical passages at the end of the bars. In the chorus, these passages uprises the spiral of the main motive. Title track continues the Uriah Heep - Living The Dream album bringing with the intro notes of spiritual anthem or gospel music. Further, the composition develops into a solemn inspiring musical canvas, developing the hymn to a majestic image. In the instrumental part, keyboard passages come to the forefront, completing the composition with the trends of pensive wisdom, wise with sadness. Take Away My Soul as if inspired by the sadness of the final part of the previous composition, the vocal tries to wriggle out of the shackles of reverie and moral teachings, the guitars keep up with vocal phrases, the keyboard part artistically envelops the musical image with its passages.
Guitar parts, concentrated in battle readiness, create the foundation for vocal reflections and thoughtful clouds of keyboard passages that envelops the Knocking At My Door musical image with a haze of inspiration.
>Waves of blues roll out a musical canvas in front of vocal phrases, wrapping it in artistic and stately threads of musical lace. Then the composition turns into a thoughtful romantic ballad, anticipating vocal confession. The Rocks In The Road song continues with the triumph of epic romanticism, marvelously and excitingly embodying incredible wisdom and diversity.
The sublime ballad Waters Flowin' begins the romantic part of the album, singing and extolling the greatness of nature and the beauty of its manifestations, creating unsurpassed comfort for body and mind. It's All Been Said continues the ballad style. The introduction shrouds the mind in a gloomy mist, but the vocals discard these vague omens and begin, along with soft and tender notes of the piano and a symphonic background. But the omens will return, complementing thoughtful artistry with a dense and rich sound. Goodbye To Innocence intro majestically and enthusiastically continues the ballad style, but then mysterious playfulness is replaced by a wave of bright and fascinating drive, displaying the rebellious background of the song's title.
Developing the trend of playful drive Falling Under Your Spell returns to the group's style in the late 70s, like a twisted firefly that despises space and time.
But the Dreams Of Yesteryear composition completing the main part of the album returns to a pacifying ballad sound, calmly and weightedly rolling in waves of calm and soft sound, discarding throwings and variety. Majestic solemn march completes the song.
The album ends with a rethinking of the compositions included in its composition - Grazed By Heaven (alternate version - Bonus) begins more symphonically, then it sounds like something frisky and lively. The more rebellious nature of sounding Take Away My Soul (alternate version - Bonus) claims - hard rock just like rock "n" roll never gets old!