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Down in abyss

July 20, 2022
Mothica - Ashes

The main vocals of the singing lady are intertwined with background vocal support in a mesmerizing dance entwined with the musical covers of the Up in Flames composition, beginning the musical story of the Mothica - Ashes album with an intriguing mystery that recedes before the romantic charm of the pensive musical fairy tale of the Burnout ballad.
The vocal emotions of the grieving lady are brought to the forefront of the Water Me Down musical image, then complemented by electronic pulsations of musical support, then combining vocal perseverance with the rhythmic step of the Crossfire musical march.
Gentle vocal melodies together with musical passages embody the atmosphere of a fascinating blues in the sound of the Cheap Tricks brooding ballad.
The Ashes album's title track is based on a vocal narrative, complementing emotional vocal experiences, doubts and reflections with restrained keyboards pulsations. The By Now composition with a significant vocal narrative is encouraging and reinforces with the clarity of vocals phrases the finale of the album with a fascinating charm of Tibetan sacred motifs.