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Doom walks slowly and thoughtfully

May 16, 2020
Othuyeg - The Doom Walker

Beginning after the sermon with a harsh mid-tempo drive the Othuyeg - The Doom Walker album's music in the middle of the Portal Towards The Void composition is transformed by a thoughtful mystery, returning to the drive in the final. Rotting Ghouls continues the album with painful mystery, with the introduction of vocals turning into a furious thriller, entwined with the covers of twilight haze, continuing this style in the sound of the Vulnus composition.
The howl of the beast, frightened screams create an intriguing beginning of the In Tumulis track, further preserving this mystery with the guitar riffs of the main motive. The From Unknown Stars song continues the twilight mystery of a dark tale. Preserving the mystical mood, Night Gaunts rolls in waves of severe drive, walking along the line between the mid-tempo march and the fast-paced high-speed thriller.
But The Return Of The Worm walks with a pulsating rhythmic drive of a mid-tempo march, crowning musical beats with vocal phrases. Carrying the guitar solo of the introduction, Atramentum then twists them in an exciting dance with the vocal part. >Twilight haze wraps around the charm of the Aequat Omnes CinisThrough Slumber dark anthem.
Developing the melody of the previous composition into an even more burdensome and burdened procession, The Stench And The Ghost first rolls a funeral procession saddened by dusk, but then from time to time it accelerates in the streams of dark drive. The album closes with The Outsider furious musical thriller, which starts the bars with pulsating meditation, ending with explosions of the drive, with the introduction of vocals, the drive is not going to back down.