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Don't stay alone - it's very dangerous now

June 30, 2016
Illdisposed - Grey Sky Over Black Town (Digipack)

Hard to find black cat in the dark room, so Illdisposed - Grey Sky Over Black Town (Digipack) is expected natural phenomenon.
Slowly gaining volume, everything happens, and then comes Again. Varying the pace, changing speed, rhythm and melody only intro riff permeates entire composition as leitmotif. Instrumental solos soar in the clouds of dreams, unhurriedly bringing its brief message to all of us.
Torn, broken rhythms begin the tale of Your Darkest Son. With the vocal's entry rhythmic structure brings order to its pace. The chorus isn't accelerating composition, but rhythm section fills its support with more power and tighter density. The instrumental part is beyond the frames of the style, as if the worst son dancing tango and foxtrot with ghostly witch.
In Light Of The Moon begins with a mysterious, enigmatic riff, that seems ghostly epee pierce canvas of whole track! Composition finished by epic saga, that weaves like a grapevine. Screams inclusion added to the growl vocals in it.
Slow circles spiral story I Tried To Live explains the gloomy atmosphere that surrounds from all sides. Whirlwind of all troubles captivated and doesn't allow to break free its pernicious influence. Guitar solo shows signs of hope in this dark and tragic ground.
Epic riff sounds like ancient prophecy, calling eagle from the tops of the distant mountains The After All. After the first verse to growl vocals replaced by screaming. Then, in rumbling, slow and epic track vocals alternates each other.
The piano and the distant howling of the wind begins My Flesh Is Sealed. Guitar riffs, letting anger rays, seal and add the irresistible power of track's sounds pattern. Between verses guitar discharges its fury in tremolo, which completes the composition.
You're An Angel Of The Light encapsulated in delicate and lyrical melody, which in this style can't be light and ethereal. Therefore it embodied in powerful and heavy guitar riffs, crushing obstacles in the way of sounds without any delays.
Conversation of two different voices gives cause to Setting Sail. Stringy riff, pulling its sounds by means of tremolo, the leitmotif of the entire length of the track.
Introduction is preparing guidance that I'm Not One, pacing leisurely pace, setting the stage for a breakthrough. Rage, anger, and furious speed begins verse, that flies forward without looking back. Calmed for a bit by dreamy lyrical riff, but brief phrase sublime can't contain the fury for a long time! It returns!
Drops pierce their bodies into the ground, roofs and umbrellas people walking that came From The Rain to here. The slow pace, tough melodic riff runs through the whole song as the leitmotif, sometimes accelerating its passage, and then back to a slow or medium tempo. Piano notes completes the track.
Bonus part of the digipack opens I've Been On My Own (Bonus Track) slowly begins its history, stretching intro with oppressive and insistent riff, which then gains speed and aggression. But the slow rhythmic epic riff returns, but guitar tremolo ceases it, and vocals says "Let's go!" Despite the fickle rhythm and variable character of the music, the slow drawling riff permeates entire track by its parts!
It's Almost Night (Bonus Track) therefore, you need to hurry. Running track carries away for themselves, not allowing distractions. However, the bridge after verse distracts lyrical passage. Thus runs the entire track - but you can not wait - night is coming!
Drum breaks starts This Is The Ride (Bonus Track), rushing on the road with a brief break in bridges between verses. Chorus, on the contrary, speeds canvas to limit. Track fades at finish, symbolizing the end of the album.