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Don't slash me apart - my tale have to be started!

April 16, 2017
Hedninger - Beginning

Sagas, chronicles, stories carry a lot of knowledge, information, predictions and justifications - but they all have the Hedninger - Beginning !
The voice of a crow, the sounds of vargan and tambourine, the unintelligible shaman's talk starts the saga with the Northman tale.
Pagan Fate continues in an impatient, persistent manner all the story, insistently and unequivocally proving the need to hear this story to the end.
The forerunners of events are concluding in the Prelude to Battle, leading a show in a duet of voices, changing the vocal style, hastily breaking out the story, interrupting each other - the battle will be comprehensive, you can not describe that simply - in no way!
The battle flares up when rivals fold shields and swords, powerfully, violently, irreconcilably - that's all because of Among Death We Dwell, spirit of the battle carries with its uncontested movement, listen again and again!
Quickly, abruptly and swiftly On Autumn's Evening rushes, combining different styles and phrases of vocals in a single rush and flow of musical excitement.
Hardly, tightly and severely the In the Beginning verse alternates between screaming and growling vocals, leading to a demanding chorus - repeating its settings again and again, more and more.
Epic, inspiringly beginning, the Born of the Runes story continues with nervous vocal phrases and sharp but so inspired and broken music that it's right to think about changing musical preferences.
The saga surpasses expectation, breaking obvious limits and perpetual Helheimr, turns into a conversation between two colleagues, like-minded people and rivals.
The call goes back to obedience, but who responds to it? After all, we have to carry out The March to the End - all chosen have to approve that task, and complete the path of that march untill the end. There's no use to escape in the middle - march have to be compleated and finished!
The folkloric melodies of clear voice begin, creating the ground forthe violent instrumental impulse. Then harsh vocals starts Mother Earth, Father Thunder story, that finishes the saga at all.