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Do not try to guess - what hides in the shadows

April 20, 2018
Synkvervet - Mistborn

The surf rattles, the gentle chants of female vocals bring feelings to the skies, urging to experience incomparable Introduction emotions, then the growling calls for a wave of drive - indicating which alternation is peculiar to the Synkvervet - Mistborn album. This alternation is supplemented by dreamy phrases of clean male vocals. The horn blows, gathering troops in a single rush, then the Anthem To The North music rushes in an uncontrollable stream of rapid musical burgeoning alternating grinding screaming of male vocals with emotional phrases of the female.
A mysterious whisper pushes the mystical fog into the Into Oblivion intro, then a violent scream carries the music away in so swift verse drive, which the emotional lady tries to contain, but the demon revolts in a melodic chorus, after which the pure vocal of the knight will try to subdue the dark demon.
The band takes us to the expanses of native forests, fjords and rocks, alternating clean female and male vocals and furious demonic screaming, the lyrics turns from English to Norwegian, subordinating the Trollskogen musical changes to the vocal alternation.
In the mysterious fog of the song of the invisible fairy, a hard growling breaks off, setting the dark part of the Through The Eyes Of A Demon main motive, which will roll the whole composition from the dark side to the light one with gentle female vocals.
Ancient legends insinuatingly creeps in with Lost In The Shadows epic haze, but a violent growling sweeps a wave of dark drive, capturing a magical captive with him, slows down the main motive in a powerful chorus march, then again carried away in the unrestrained impulse of the verse.
The keyboards symphony develops into a rapid flow of romantic reflections, which ends with a demoniac growling enveloped in dark spells that are hanging On Raven Wings in so melodic haze. Then the female vocals with hard creaking alternate, moving away from the sudden impulse of the drive, completing the composition again alternating their phrases.
The Alone In Eternity main motive is restrainedly manifested in the rolling wave of the musical symphony, gaining a bright side in an epic symphony with a gentle female vocals, supplemented by a restrained screaming and dark in the rampant rage of uncontrollable anger. And all this is combined with instrumental couplings with a clear influence of classical music.
The restrained march with muffled chants on the background as if preparing us for the reception of the speech of the ruler carrying away thoughts into Aurora spaces, an unrestrained drive seems to juggle with male and female vocals, enveloping them in shades of the main motive and bringing mystical folklore motifs to instrumental bridges.
The vinyl record misrepresents so ancient romance, culminating in a swift drive, combined with a vibrant melody and alternating vocals, woven a unique canvas of praying pure female and confident scream-growling. Then the music restrains the pace, gaining depth and significance - becoming, perhaps, the brightest composition of the album. Completing the creation of I Den Svarte Solens Rike performs its lyrics in Norwegian, combining everything that was presented in this release.