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Do not rush - think about!

March 04, 2017
Spirit Adrift - Chained To Oblivion

Calm, viscous, thoughtful palette Spirit Adrift - Chained To Oblivion creates a calm, but multifaceted and multivalued image!
Drawling melody overflows Psychic Tide, enveloping viscous oppressive cover dubious contours unclear routine. Then the vocals uncover purulent abscesses of vague revelations.
Wasting in a symphony rush, gives way to the pathos proudly Marzanna, proudly procession at a leisurely and sublime pace. Then combines pride with memories of the former years, slowly and surely. Slowly, accurately and proudly discussed the past accomplishments, not forgetting nothing and in any way. Everything, always, about anything at all!
Tighten, viscous, proudly melody Form And Force rises from the abyss. Vocal colors music with bright colors, not crushing the main motive, but creating a unique and original atmosphere.
The title track Chained To Oblivion begins with a mysterious introduction, juggling notes of the guitar fingering, then vocal throws us into the abyss of sadness and despair, not allowing us to reject its adversity. But music sates darkness, melancholy and sadness with their motives, pouring over the edges of the vocal sighs.
In a kind of folklore dance of shamans with tambourines begins Hum Of Our Existence continuing in a viscous and dismal manner, harboring us with gloomy melodies that make a break for the guitar fingering and keyboards delights. But with vocal phrases returns darkness, sadness and frustration, enveloping all around with the gloomy clubs of devastated consciousness and soulless ghosts. There's no sense to hide out from this desperation - the vocal glows with passionate indignation. But the fury and energy end in the dreamy chants.