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Do not hold the rage inside - let it out!

February 14, 2018
Outrage - Raging Out (Deluxe Edition)

A dense wave of furious drive begins the Outrage - Raging Out (Deluxe Edition) album, rolling in the stern dusk, describing the horrific details in the verses and chanting Doomsday Machine in the choruses. Hammer Down And Go continues this flow of vigorous sound, combining vocal meditations with the impetuosity of an unrestrained musical drive.
A stiff deep introduction in a taut melodic fog is intriguing with the expectation that the Territorial Dispute main motive rises, enveloping the rhythmic base with viscous guitar riffs, in which mysterious vocal phrases and guitar solos are sparkling.
The Machete... sound becomes tougher and more vigorous, harder and harsher, bringing the undoubted shades of thrash metal, furiously adjusting instrumental rage with vocal fury.
Continuing the mood of the previous composition, Wake becomes more viscous and denser, pumping out dark waves of stubborn musical power, embodying them in mid-tempo passages. In verses, the vocal sounds in the bright light of their own revelations. The instrumental part begins with lyrical meditations, then turning into a solemn melodious triumph, anticipating the final refrain.
Based on the main motive on the solo bass guitar Hysteric Creatures playfully and draving rushes from side to side, placing on a confident rhythm the role of the fundamental direction.
With an energetic and swiftly confident drive, Spin promoting its sound from time to time freezes in doubt, then again rushing in confident mid-tempo dance to the attracting goal.
Powerfully, violently and unrestrainedly the rhythm moves the wave of musical drive, the vocals complete the We Warn All Belongs composition with doubts and reflections.
Heroes Falling gives music even more severe and furious character in the introduction, then carried away in a fast race of confidence in impossible infallibility.
Wolf And Raven returns to the mid-tempo story, cheerfully and playfully carrying out mysterious thoughts in vocal phrases, creates intrigue - then carried away in a rapid bridge before the final.
The album ends with named as the band Outrage song - it combines vocal and music in unrestrained musical frenzy, returning to the thought of the leader and the singing chorus of the servants.
It is worth noting that this premium edition is devoted to the 30th anniversary of the band's stage activities, so the musical basis is followed by the bonus part. The harsh and dense sound of Death Trap (Studio Live - Bonus) at an average pace promotes concentrated power, pushing the limits of perception. Step On It (Studio Live - Bonus) is carried away in a swift race, not stopping at all before any questions, somewhat reflecting on the chorus. The instrumental part embodies the feelings and romance that precede the final spurt. Well, if there were not enough ballads among the energetic passages, then the final edition of the ballad Mother / Coming Home (Bonus) fully completes the expectation of a charming calm atmospheric music, enveloping romance and tenderness in an unforgettable melody of sound