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Do not freak out this creatures!

August 27, 2022
Regal Worm - Worm!

With the rhythmic pressure of the pulsating sound, the Regal Wishbone song opens the gates of the musical procession of the Regal Worm - Worm! album, completing the musical rolls with vocal phrases. Mystical mystery and intriguing echoes of cosmic winds wrap the vocal story of the Don't Freak Out The Creatures composition with an artistic mysterious atmosphere, complementing the instrumental bridges with bright saxophone solos and keyboard passages. The intriguing brief musical story Dindy Super with background electronic pulsations in the background precedes the progressive unification of folklore motifs with the artistic musical novel of the The Steppe Nomad Space Program long musical saga with echoes of the rituals of Tibetan monks and the mysterious spicy atmosphere of oriental legends and fairy tales.
The Bong Song musical composition envelops the atmosphere of a soothing lounge, fascinatingly and sensually dispelling worries and doubts, anticipating the atmosphere of the sound of the Chlorophyllia musical, wrapping the vocal story with covers of mystery and an atmosphere of mystical haze.
After the sparkling and enchanting sound of the introduction, the Green Beetle, Plate 31 composition elevates the vocal narrative to the top of the musical flow, continuing the vocal dominance in the sound of the Is There Anything Blacker Than A Black Cat? composition, then alternating musical improvisations and vocal phrases in the foreground of the musical image, concluding the album with the unity of music and vocals in a single musical stream of the Hop song.