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Do not contemplate the appearance of death in vain

January 23, 2018
Caelestia - Thanatopsis

A mysterious march and ghostly chorals Intro - Time For Redemption create intrigue and foreboding, preparing for the further development of the concept album Caelestia - Thanatopsis recalls about the "Thanatopsis" poem.
Developing the intro's melody Initium Vitae Et Mortis in the introduction complements it first with a sensual female vocals, then a severe growling is a dark armor, which, like charming sparks, is crowned with phrases of female vocals.
The title track Thanatopsis builds around the main motive a complex and diverse palette of musical colors - first sweeping in the violent stream of the drive the phrases of the male groveling, then the lady calls for a pulsating march. Then the lady with gentle and sensual voice brings a whirlwind of lyrical romance, as a result, guitar improvisation tends to combine these contrasting musical streams together, but the male growling discards this possibility, leaving the pleas of the female vocals for unity in the background.
Perhaps, the most successful composition of this album Chamber Of Torments continues after the original giving of dark charm the introduction of music by a furious drive, complementing a deep and severe growling. But the lady stops this anger with romantic reflections, but the demonic growling retreats briefly - and after a short dispute they unite their parties.
Powerfully, vigorously and concentrated the beginning of the dispute between female and male vocals Devil's Game swiftly and sharply blows the musical cloth wrapped in a dark symphony of keyboard motifs in a hurried race to the imaginary graces. Then, after a speech with a recitative, the female vocals bring the music wrapped in a shawl of dark romance, appealing to a seductive guitar solo. Next, male and female vocals will continue to compete for the dominant role in the musical pattern.
Well, the Dancing With The Demons romance is somewhat cleared of the dark and gloomy colors that all strive to rise from the deep abyss, but female vocals keep the music of a wonderful ballad on the bright side.
Wonderful guitar delights in the dark fog of Travel To Eternity intro precedes the vocal changes around them, combining the male growling with screaming. But appearing lady casts aside these shades male vocals, even though they continue to remind their presence.
The majestic motifs of classical music in Underlife intro solemnly illuminate the halls of the album with gloomy thoughts, then the female vocals complement this symphony with their experiences and reflections, leaving for the male vocals the enchanting gallery of majestic dark statues. In the instrumental part, the guitar solo gives the enchanting romantic atmosphere, which is adorned with female vocals by its operatic performances.
Pulling viscous, heavy and stern musical fetters into the entry, leaving the only opportunity for the Martyrs vocals to rush into a stunning musical stream in the pursuit of freedom.
Waves of dark romance, dispelling the directions of the lighthouse, in the invisible surf brings Lament Of The Sea to us, combining the deep and dense power of the growling with gentle romanticism completes the album with a charming composition.