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December 15, 2020
Скорая Помощь - Своими руками (2019 Переиздание)

The music rolls over with harsh forebodings, the Время прозреть vocals part accentuates interrogative intonations and calls for responsibility for their actions. In the continuation of the Скорая Помощь - Своими руками (2019 Переиздание) album, the parts of the solo and bass guitar are intertwined in a spiral in the passages of the Падший ангел main motive, combining a duet of male vocals in the vocal part.
Unhurriedly and carefully rolling out the musical canvas of the main motive, the Последний шанс intro then enters with a fierce vocal part, grinding with the dark significance of harsh vocals. The pensiveness of the Шаг на эшафот romantic ballad sings about the final experiences before the execution of the suffering prisoner.
The musical event of the mid-tempo musical march is crowned with vocal phrases that accentuate and repeat the name of the Моя душа song over and over again. The guitar solo of the Извержение instrumental composition is impressive and enthralling to follow its sound.
The Пламя гнева mid-tempo battle march complements the sound of the album with an epic saga. Joking Сосед composition finishes the album by describing and praising a neighbor who respects the Motorhead band.