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Do all fairy tales destined to find us once upon a time?

March 02, 2017
Eternal Samhain - Storyteller Of The Sunset And The Dawn

Beautiful legends are embodied before us in the stories of the miraculous, Eternal Samhain - Storyteller Of The Sunset And The Dawn tells them again and again!
The speech Confiteor delivered by Latin turns us into the atmosphere of the Middle Ages.
Saturated and globally dipping us into the depths of centuries, Cathedral so symphonic and all-embracing immersing in the sacraments of ancient times.
Sharply and furiously starting, Ode al vento goes into melodic ode recreating lace in a dark space, creating a charming image of the darkest shades.
The darkness envelops by the gloomy covers, creating with the help of Vox Populi, Vox Dei impenetrable sensations - the melody is combined with eerie anticipations in a single impulse.
The symphonic spirit of orchestral performance is embodied in Vespri intro of the Trinux Samonia, launches into a furious frenzy, uniting indescribable melody with anger fury of the darkest beings.
Strictly, irreconcilably and unrestrainedly King Of Yourself unites in one stream the melody of the main motive and the violent rage, leading to a pathos melody in the middle that exhales over the surrounding commonness and ordinary things.
Powerful Cenere melody subjugates the surrounding reality, vesting in its appearance all around, subordinating his symphonic gusts! Oh, I'm not in a position to resist these enslaving motives - I finish, I finish the description!
The title track Storyteller Of The Sunset And The Dawn completes the album, extolling the orchestral passages and minstrel motifs above modern delights, pointing out - that the eternal does not die, but modern motives are destined to destined to bring them again and again!