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Division of blood denied - that someone brings the lights

June 07, 2016
Suicidal Angels - Division Of Blood

Ocean of fire, death stream of hate-rays leads to us Suicidal Angels - Division Of Blood!
Rash intro opens the gates of the Capital Of War. Quickly, sharply and angrily came in that capital, walk hastly with scared eyes. Then we heard "welcome to the nightmare", the pace slows a bit - and we have witnessed execution listening the commands "Fire!" Run, run away from it as quickly as possible, as far as possible!
Persistently hammer hits the title anvil, we're Division Of Blood - so needs a lot of weapons, cruel, bloody! We are forging, we sharpen it without haste, without rest and without any breaks.
Distinct rhythm speeds up its course - as like trying to get away from Eternally To Suffer! The gloomy eternity entangles its tentacles, binds and holds the ropes of all the attempts to hide... there's no way out! Preventing any possibility of escape, the pace slows down for the instrumental part, after the vocal phrases incredibly accelerated again!
Without the slightest preparation, sharp and frisky starts Image Of The Serpent. After furious verse, bridge respite, rushing madness returns in next verse 'till the end - just brief vocals phrase breaks it for a bit!
All around annoying annoying, there's no more forces tolerate all of that - maybe Set The Cities On Fire the way to change the world around? But if you support that case - there's no way back!
Haunting riff insistently breaking into Front Gate, this tune spunds like leitmotif through the entire composition flesh. During the middle it is accelerated, rapidly rushing forward through the obstacles. Frenzy is a calming by ending track vocals.
Harsh, powerful, tough riff begins Bullet In The Chamber, then the motif gets the support of other instruments, increasing the pace - so that the vocals catching him up in his rapid move of the last forces. After the guitar solo riff from intro returns, calming the pace for a bit and bringing fraction of melody.
Breaks from the deepest void to see the sun, he don't change its way out, even if he have to do Cold Blood Murder, fast, furious, insistently he is torns away from the abyss!
Powerful, tough, deliberately begins Of Thy Shall Bring The Light, then speed up for a bit. Changes its tune - oh, there's expected vocals, that brings its harsh role to sound canvas. Light pulled out, dazzles the eyes - put hand over eyes and calm down, the final melodic riff will help to do that!